Miracote’s Contractor Training Programs

Where attendees with different skill sets can all learn the appropriate skills for their specific company and job needs

About Miracote’s Training Program

Miracote’s Trained Contractor Program focuses on the basics of coating and waterproofing applications. With a combination of hands-on production installation and classroom learning, it takes a real-world approach to its education.

Where attendees with different skill sets can all learn the appropriate skills for their specific company and job needs:

  • Product Specification and Estimating
  • Digital Resources and Sales Techniques
  • Hands-on Installation Techniques
  • Avoiding Common Problems
  • Attendees Receive Certificates and Access to the Miracote Contractor Center.

Miracote holds quarterly training across its three facilities and offers company and job-specific training by request. Please complete the training request form for more details.

Pool, Spa, and Waterscape

Pedestrian Deck Coatings

Resinous Flooring Systems

Vehicular Traffic Decks

Concrete Repair and Restoration

Scientifically superior technologies for plywood and concrete protection and restoration

“We sent our whole team to the last Miracote training. Our contractors learned the proper way to mix & apply materials, and our sales team learned all the details from specification & warranty information and care of maintenance recommendations. Nothing was left out.”

– Miracote Trained Contractor

Trevor Foster

Principal Trainer & Western Sales Manager

Trevor Foster, born and raised in Denver, Colorado received his BA in Business Management in 1993, and started his own flooring and waterproofing company shortly thereafter.  Selling his company in 2002, he went to work for the largest decorative concrete contractor in the nation, running their premium flooring division.  This is where the learning curve steepened with large, commercial projects. 

In 2006, Miracote Products hired him as a Regional Sales Manager and Principal Trainer.  He now is the Western Sales Manager and Principal Trainer.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and his family. 

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