MiraThane 500 is a trowel-applied elastomeric surfacing designed primarily for use as a waterproof promenade roofing. The material consists of a unique moisture-cured resin binder into which rubber aggregate is combined at the time of application to form a tough, elastic waterproof membrane. A durable elastomeric textured topcoat is then applied. An alternate topcoat system incorporating decorative mineral aggregates is also available. The material is turned up against building walls, parapets, etc., to form and integral waterproof membrane.

Designed primarily as a waterproof promenade surfacing for balconies, sun decks, play roofs, etc., MiraThane 500 is also used as a protective covering for renovating cracked concrete decks, parking structures, etc. The tough, long-wearing qualities of MiraThane 500 permit its use under such normally damaging service as ski boot traffic.
Surfaces over which MiraThane 500 may be installed include: plywood, new and existing concrete and metal. Consult Crossfield Products Corp. regarding other surfaces.

Where to Use
Promenade roofs, sun decks, rooftop tennis courts, and balconies; waterproof surfacing for areas subject to ski boots.

  • Monolithic, including integral flashing
  • Resilient and comfortable underfoot
  • Reduces sound transmission to adjacent areas
  • Environmentally sage - Meets various state volatile organic compound requirements
Technical Info