MiraThane 100 CRU is a state-of-art, two-component, solvent-based, aliphatic polyester-urethane coating and sealer. Exhibiting excellent UV-stability, abrasion and wear resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance and superior cleanability, Mirathane 100 CRU is ideal for use as a topcoat or finish coating over epoxy, cementitious and other floor/wall coating systems. It is also an outstanding choice as the primary protective coating and wear surface for properly primed concrete surfaces.

Unlike many other coatings and sealers, MiraThane 100 CRU will provide outstanding performance under the most demanding service conditions which are characterized by abusive traffic and impact, aggressive chemical contact, corrosive fumes and frequent wash-downs. MiraThane 100 CRU is available in non-yellowing, ultra-low VOC, clear and pigmented formulations with excellent prolonged gloss retention and weathering characteristics.

  • High impact and wear resistance.
  • Excellent chemical, stain and abrasion resistance.
  • Displays superior UV resistance and stability.
  • Resistant to hot tire pick-up.
  • VOC < 100 g/L - Conforms to most air quality jurisdictions.
  • Acceptable for use in USDA facilities.
  • High gloss finish and gloss retention.
  • Excellent for interior and exterior exposure conditions.
  • Accepts synthetic media for slip resistance.
  • Minimizes floor care and maintenance costs.


Technical Info