Miracote MiraPrime MVERS is a fluid-applied uniquely modified epoxy moisture mitigation system. It is designed to be used as an above- and below-grade vapor retarder that is placed on the negative side of the concrete substrate. As a vapor emission suppressor, one application of MiraPrime MVERS will withstand moisture vapor emission rates of up to 10 lbs/1000 sq/ft/24 hrs. Two applications will withstand moisture vapor emission rates of up to 15 lbs/1000 sq/ft/24 hrs. It is recommended for use under impervious non-breathing flooring systems that cannot withstand moisture vapor transmission levels with moisture vapor emissions rates above the floor covering manufacturer's recommended levels.

MiraPrime MVERS is ideal for use under the vast majority of non-breathing flooring systems, including epoxies, urethanes, rubber, adhesives (for carpet, vinyl and wood), vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet goods, woods and other impervious flooring systems.

As a general rule, most flooring manufacturers (rubber-backed carpet, tile, vinyl, wood or resinous) do not recommend installing their products on concrete surfaces having moisture vapor emissions rates level in excess of 3.0 lbs. of moisture emission over a 1,000 square foot area during a 24 hour time period as measured by an anhydrous Calcium Chloride Test Procedure tested in accordance with ASTM F1869.

MiraPrime MVERS is applied in either single application of 7 mils wet/dry film thickness or two applications at 7 mils wet/dry film thickness per each coat. If vinyl tile, rubber, wood, carpet or other manufacturer flooring is the final flooring, a polymer modified cementitious intermediate coat is applied to provide for proper adhesion of the finished flooring system. Miracote resinous flooring systems may be applied directly to the MiraPrime MVERS System. Consult Crossfield for recommendations regarding potential intermediate coating products for non-Miracote products.
Formulated with environmental requirements in mind, MiraPrime MVERS contains no hydrocarbon solvents and thus meets all volatile organic substance regulations. MiraPrime MVERS has no significant odor during installation.


Where to Use
MiraPrime MVERS is placed directly on properly prepared, strong and durable concrete substrates. The day after placement, the intended (impervious non-breathing) flooring system can be placed.

Technical Data:
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MiraPrime MVERS
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Case History:
Lake Highlands UMC
Gold's Gym

  • Reduces or eliminates effects of moisture vapor emissions.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete.
  • Convenient 3 : 2 by volume mix ratio.
  • High compressive, flexural and tensile strengths.
  • Installed only by Professional Factory Trained Miracote Contractors.
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