Miracote MiraPatch OV is a fast-setting mortar designed for patching and smoothing work on overhead or vertical surfaces. MiraPatch OV is two-component - a polymer liquid combined at the job site with pre-packaged cement-aggregate powder. It is formulated to be "sticky" and non-sagging in order to adhere to overhead surfaces without requiring form support.
MiraPatch OV can be used in exterior or interior locations. Environmentally friendly, it is fully VOC compliant and not toxic in any degree. Its polymer formula gives MiraPatch OV low water absorption and offers protection to steel reinforcing. MiraPatch OV dries to a natural cement color with little or no shrinkage cracking. The product can be brought to a smooth finish by brush or float.

Where to Use
Exterior or Interior

Product Technical Data Sheet:
MiraPatch OV


V & O # 3
  • Fast-Set
  • Overhead applications do not require form support
  • VOC compliant
  • LEED point eligibility
  • Minimal or no shrinkage


Technical Info