MiraPatch – Concrete Repair Mortars and Underlayments

The underlying success of any concrete waterproofing and protection application or decorative resurfacing plan is predicated not only on proper surface preparation, but also, the importance of first restoring the integrity of the concrete surface itself. The treatment and repair of existing concrete surface damage will provide the ideal underlayment or “canvas” to ensure the best possible outcome of the finished project whether it involves a commercial office floor or the upper level of a parking deck. Whether horizontal, vertical or overhead; single or dual component; for use over concrete or wood; our diverse family of MiraPatch concrete repair mortars and underlayments offers the right product choice for any application.


MiraPatch DP
MiraPatch LM
MiraPatch OV
MiraPatch RM 1
MiraPatch RM 2
MiraPatch RM 3
MiraPatch WP
MiraPatch RM 3000