Miracote MiraFlor WB is a two-component, superior, breathable, chemically resistant, waterbased epoxy floor coating system. The epoxy component is a 70% solids liquid epoxy blend. The hardener component is an aqueous dispersion of blended cycloaliphatic amines. The system is available in pre-pigmented form (see Miracote Standard Color Chart) or, in a clear form.

MiraFlor WB (Water based Epoxy) can be used as a primer, intermediate coating and topcoat, eliminating the confusion that multi-product applications can cause during installation. When used as a primer, it should be diluted one-to-one with potable water. When used as coating, it can be installed at full strength in two coats.

Where to Use:
MiraFlor WB is an ideal concrete substrate coating system for use in commercial, institutional and light to moderate manufacturing environments.

MiraFlor WB Epoxy is designed for quick turn-around applications, where a tough and moderately chemical-resistant epoxy floor coating is desired.

It can be installed when high slab moisture content exists, including placement over “green-concrete” which is a minimum 14 days old and cured sufficiently for proper surface preparation, conditions that would prohibit the application of traditional epoxy coating and flooring systems. MiraFlor WB complies with all Federal, State and Provisional VOC requirements.

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Product Technical Data Sheet:
MiraFlor WB

Installation Guide:
MiraFlor WB

Hallack-MiraFlor  WB topcoat (1)
  • Water-based, vapor permeable and breathable
  • Shorter cure time versus standard epoxy systems, for quick return to service
  • Can be applied over “green-concrete”
  • VOC compliant
  • Slip resistance enhancement with synthetic aggregate
  • Recommended for interior application
  • ADA Compliant, for in-situ validate ADA Compliance use a Variable Incident Tribometer Machine
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Credit Points may be available under 5 different classifications
  • Does not contain chemicals targeted by Green Seal Standard GS-11 and LEED-CS as unacceptable
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