MiraFlor Metallux is a unique architectural, high-solids, resinous floor coating that utilizes metallic and pearlescent powder integral pigments to produce brilliant and dynamic designer effects for illumination and beautification of concrete floors and other surfaces. Although suitable for the metallic pigmentation any clear, high-solids MiraFlor polymeric flooring resin, MiraFlor Metallux integral pigments are most frequently used in conjunction with MiraFlor CQ Clear Epoxy for economy and ease of use. Depending on specific service conditions and owner requirements, MiraFlor Glazeop and MiraFlor Glazetop FC are also excellent choices for use with MiraFlor Metallux pigments.

Contact a local Miracote Representative for the most appropriate MiraFlor topcoat among which includes novolac epoxy, polyurethane, polyaspartic or polyurea technologies.

Installation Guide:
MiraFlor Metallux

MiraFlor Metallux


  • Limitless distinctive designs and color variations.
  • Superior chemical and abrasion resistance.
  • Wide range of metallic colors and resin choices.
  • Blend two or more pigments to create hybrid colors.
  • Lower maintenance and life cycle costs vs. other flooring types.
  • LEED-compliant, low odor and fast cure time.
  • Meets USDA, FDA, OSHA standards.
  • Superior resin clarity, color retention and UV stability.


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