Miracote MiraFlor MC-5 Flexibilized Epoxy is a polyurethane modified epoxy resin composition designed to provide crack reduction and waterproofing under various floor and deck systems through crack isolation.

MiraFlor MC-5 is designed for use underneath Miracote finished seamless flooring or, frequently, other types of floor finish such as ceramic tile.

Among the surfaces that MiraFlor MC-5 can cover are prepared concrete, wood or plywood (after special preparation), and many existing floor finishes.

Where to Use
As a waterproofing and crack isolation membrane directly under finished floors is secondary containment areas, under terrazzo and ceramic tile, and beneath industrial floor applications. Among the areas that this membrane is applicable are hospitals, commercial kitchens, shopping malls, industrial plants, bio medical facilities, animal housing, mechanical equipment rooms, etc., as a flexible crack filler and sealant in concrete decks under Miracote cementitious coatings.

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Product Technical Data Sheet:
MiraFlor MC-5

MiraFlor MC-5

Drylook and Enriching Sealers-Ford Dealership-San Diego (19)
  • Forms a monolithic, tightly adhering, molded membrane across floors and up bases, etc.
  • Thin section - no depression of slab required.
  • Can be applied over new and existing surfaces.
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