Miracote MiraFlor CR is a highly chemical resistant, slip-retardant coating for application over concrete or else as the finish coating for MiraFlor CQ Clear Epoxy.

Formulated using the most advanced normal-epoxy chemistry; MiraFlor CR produces a tighter "cross-linking" than conventional epoxies. As a result, the material resists physical attack from the spillage of a very wide range of acids, alkalis and solvents. It also resists staining from the spillage of many chemicals, which would discolor ordinary epoxies.

Due to its specialized chemistry, MiraFlor CR is premium priced compared to conventional epoxy floor coatings and should be used only where its superior properties are required.

MiraFlor CR is a three component material consisting of normal epoxy resin, catalyst and special metallic, oxide, slip-retardant aggregates. The three components are mixed together immediately prior to application and the material is then troweled into place. The final coating is applied by roller.

MiraFlor CR is available in five different slip-retardant "profiles" ranging from very coarse to very fine. Selection of profiles to be used depends upon the degree of slip-retardance required, the cleaning characteristics desired and the area of use.

The material is available in a wide range of colors as well as a non-pigmented, clear type.

Formulated with environmental requirements in mind, MiraFlor CR contains no hydrocarbon solvents and thus meets all state and local volatile organic substance regulations. MiraFlor CR has no significant odor during installation.


Where to Use
Slip retardant surface coating for use in manufacturing, storage, laboratories and containment areas subject to damaging chemical spillage.

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Product Technical Data Sheet:
MiraFlor CR

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  • Meets or exceeds USDA inspection requirements.
  • Resists wider range of chemical spillage‟s than conventional epoxies.
  • Heat resistant.
  • No significant odor during installation.
  • Wide range of color and profile selections.


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