Miracote MiraFlor CQ Clear Troweled System is a decorative trowel applied flooring system designed to produce a seamless floor with integral coved base. The completed floor has a nominal thickness of 3/16" (4.75 mm) to 1/4" (6.35mm). The colored quartz granules are in a clear epoxy mortar binder, that is groutcoat and topcoated. The system is resistant to a wide range of chemicals (see Chemical Resistance Chart).
MiraFlor CQ Clear Troweled System can be applied over concrete, metal or wood sub-surfaces (Consult Crossfield for a detailed specification for placement on metal or wood substrates).

It can be finished with optional topcoats of clear (gloss) or matte finish, MiraFlor Glazetop a highly chemical and abrasion resistant polyurea topcoat.

Colored quartz aggregate granules are available in standard color blends. See Crossfield‟s Colored Quartz Trowelable Epoxy Flooring System Color Card for standard patterns or an infinite number of custom patterns can be blended. MiraFlor CQ Clear Troweled System is available with an EPA Listed Antimicrobial Biocide, which protects against growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, yeast, etc.

Where to Use
Facilities where aesthetics and functionality are both required, such as pharmaceutical plants, research and development, bio-tech, clean rooms, medical facilities, laboratories, commercial kitchens, food processing, institutional facilities, food and beverage processing, wine and spirits and other facilities requiring an aesthetic functional floor.

  • Virtually free of VOC
  • Monolithic, including integral coved base can possess the same appearance or it can be color contrasted.
  • Resistant to many chemicals (See Chemical Resistance Chart).
  • Rapidly installed decorative seamless floor at moderate cost.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with high physical and mechanical properties.
Technical Info