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Miracote MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy is a thin film, two-component polymer used in Miracote Colorquartz, Miracote MPC-MT concrete floor coating and concrete floor sealing applications.

MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy adds value, durability, and ease of maintenance. It is designed for use where long-lasting monolithic protection of decorative substrates is required. The completed system, 2 coats at approximately 7 mils each can perform as a stand-alone application over concrete, or can be applied in conjunction with MiraFlor Glazetop topcoat when the advantages of a urethane topcoat are desired.

MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy can be applied over prepared concrete substrates or approved Miracote Systems. Consult any Crossfield Products Corp. office for specification or technical assistance.

Where to Use
MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy is designed for Institutional, Commercial and Retail sanitary looking flooring areas. Typical applications include food preparation, laboratories, toilet rooms, food service, clinical sites, pet care, garage floors, etc. to protect the substrate concrete or decorative applications from medium to heavy duty use.

  • Virtually free of VOC.
  • Produces a rapidly installed, decorative seamless floor coating at a moderate cost.
  • Monolithic. Can incorporate an integral cove base. Eliminates unsanitary build-up of bacteria.
  • Resistant to many chemicals, including brake fluid, gasoline, many acids solutions and other reagents. See Chemical Resistant Guide for specific details.
  • Slip-Resistant - An array of slip-resistant surface textures available. ADA compliant (meets 0.6 flat surface and 0.8 ramped surface minimums).
  • Maintenance - Built to take repeated scrubbings.
Technical Info