MiraFlor – Resinous Products and Flooring Systems

Since the development and introduction of resinous flooring in the 1950’s, synthetic resin floors offer building owners many significant advantages that have led to wide spread global use and popularity. Resinous flooring systems exhibit tenacious bond, excellent resistance to a wide spectrum of chemicals, impermeability to liquids, resistance to impact and abrasion, and can be installed rapidly with minimal down time. Whether applied by broadcast, trowel-down or high build methods, our MiraFlor product technology group offers a wide range of clear and pigmented epoxy, polyaspartic and polyurea resinous flooring products and systems.

MiraFlor CQ Broadcast System
MiraFlor CQ Clear
MiraFlor CQ Troweled System
MiraFlor CR
MiraFlor CR-N
MiraFlor Full Flake Broadcast System
MiraFlor Glazetop85
MiraFlor Glazetop FC (Fast Cure)
MiraFlor MC-5
MiraFlor Metallux

MiraFlor WB