MiraFlex XL is a multi-component, fabric-reinforced, polymer-modified, cementitious, pedestrian traffic membrane waterproofing system designed for use on concrete and wood substrates. Ideal for use in both exterior and interior environments, MiraFlex XL is a moisture vapor permeable membrane system comprised of individual fluid-applied, and layered components each performing distinct functions. Individual layers include an elastomeric waterproofing base coat reinforced with poly fabric mesh, a polymer-modified cementitious intermediate textured wear course, and an acrylic pigmented top coat for optimal care and daily maintenance requirements.


Technical Data:
MiraFlex XL Product Technical Data Sheet

Installation Guide:
MiraFlex XL over concrete

Guide Specification:
MiraFlex XL - Pedestrian Traffic Coating (pdf)
MiraFlex XL - Pedestrian Traffic Coating (Word)

  • Monolithic, seamless protection – waterproofing membrane.
  • Vapor permeable - allows substrate to breath without blistering.
  • Water-based - environmentally safe, non-toxic & non-flammable.
  • Fabric-reinforced – provides flexural strength and crack resistance.
  • Excellent UV stability – won’t yellow or degrade from sun.
  • Wide array of slip resistant textures, colors and finishes.
  • Lower maintenance and life cycle costs vs. other flooring types.
  • VOC and LEED-compliant, low odor and fast cure time.
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