Miracote MiraFlex II Decking System is a multi-layered promenade deck coating consisting of formulated resins, cementitious underlayment and waterproof membrane. Designed to provide a decorative finished waterproof deck surfacing, MiraFlex II is ideally suited for either new construction or deck renovation. MiraFlex II is also available as an under tile roof deck membrane system for application over approved wood or concrete substrates. MiraFlex II finished promenade roof deck, with proper preparation, can be applied over concrete, magnesite, elastomeric decking or plywood. For application over plywood, a metal lath reinforced underlayment (MiraPatch Series) is applied prior to the application of MiraFlex II Decking System.

Decorative Diversity
MiraFlex II can be finished with Miracote MPC, MiraStamp to afford a textured, impression, stencil patterned, knocked down, splatter or broom finished profile. The finished surface can be stained much in the same was as decorative concrete prior to application of protective clear sealers.

Where to Use
MiraFlex II Decking System is designed to provide a waterproof promenade traffic roof deck surface coating for use on exterior or interior walking decks, balconies, ramps, stairs, patios, sun decks, play roof, observation decks, platforms, etc.


Waterproof Decks, Floors & Membranes

Case Histories:
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Miraflex Over Concrete (pdf)
Miraflex Over Concrete (word doc)
iraflex II UTW - Plywood Decking (pdf)
Miraflex II UTW - Plywood Decking (word doc)

  • Provides positive waterproofing
  • Acceptable for use over occupied space
  • Meets Class A when installed with Repair Mortar
  • Environmentally safe (solvent free)
  • Ease of installation in accordance with manufacturer's application specifications
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of exciting surfaces.
  • Available in popular colors; easy to maintain.