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Miracote MiraFlex FRM (Fracture Resistant Membrane) is a waterproofing membrane with a fabric reinforced cementitious protection layer. The membrane portion of the system is typically installed at a thickness of 40 mils. The fabric reinforced protection layer is typically installed between 125 and 210 mils. It is applied to floors and molded up onto bases, over curbs, etc. The system can be applied over concrete, wood or metal surfaces.

Where to Use
As a waterproof, "fracture-resistant" underlayment for use under ceramic tile, quarry tile, marble and certain types of troweled composition flooring. This system is also used as a waterproof traffic surfacing over balconies; sundecks and promenade roof decks in certain climatic regions. Also used between slab, over computer access flooring, mechanical equipment rooms, toilet rooms, shopping malls, commercial kitchens, etc.

Product Technical Data Sheet:
Miracote Miraflex FRM

Waterproof Decks, Floors & Membranes

Stairway Flashing
Door Pan Flashing

MPC Liquid
MPC Powder


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  • Thin section - no depression of slab required
  • Environmentally safe - contains no organic solvents and is VOC compliant
  • Provides positive waterproofing
  • Crack isolation - reduces reflective cracking from the substrate to the finial finish
  • Meets all test requirements of the Ceramic Tile Institute's specification for waterproof membrane under tile
  • Can be applied over new and existing surfaces



Technical Info