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Miracote RT (RenewTop)

Miracote RT (RenewTop) is an innovative, single component, polymer-modified, spray-applied cementitious coating designed for application over existing conventional and decorative concrete, cementitious overlays, microtoppings, and many other suitable substrates. Engineered for use with specialized texture spraying equipment and spray guns, Miracote RT provides an ultra-thin skin to renew, restore, and beautify the finnish of aged, worn, discolored or stained concrete surfaces while preserving the original texture of the substrate. Miracote RT is available in a standard white powder that can be integrally colored with Miracote's ColorPax LIP pigment packs, or stained using water-based MiraStain.

Product Technical Data Sheet:
Miracote RT

Miracote RT

Installation Guide:
Miracote RT

ColorPax LIP


  • Ultra-thin application thickness
  • Preserves existing finished textures
  • Moisture-vapor permeable -- reduces potential for corrosion.
  • Protects against penetration of water, chlorides and carbon dioxide
  • Tenacious adhesion to prepared substrates
  • Prep - Spray - Stain in one day
  • Zero VOC - meets LEED point criteria
  • Ideal for interior / exterior, horizontal / vertical / OH surfaces
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