Miracote Poly Fabric

Miracote Poly Fabric is an alkaline resistant polypropylene woven-mesh fabric designed to reinforce Miracote waterproofing and traffic surfacing systems. Miracote Poly Fabric adds strength and serves as a control to insure proper application thickness as well as providing a continuous coating over cracks and joints.

Where to Use
Miracote Poly Fabric is used in waterproof membranes and cementitious coatings beneath ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, latex mastic surfacing and certain types of between slab or below-grade membranes.

Product Technical Data Sheet:
Miracote Poly Fabric

Miracote Poly Fabric

  • Adds strength
  • Provides crack-resistance
  • May be embedded with Miracote waterproofing membranes or cementitious coatings


Technical Info