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Miracote One Regular

Miracote One Regular is a single component, polymer-modified, cementitious, microtopping that only requires the addition of potable water on site for use in resurfacing and beautifying concrete and other compatible substrates. Available in proprietary blends of both white and natural gray cement, Miracote One Regular can be integrally pigmented with Miracote ColorPax-LIP or stained with waterbased Mirastain, or it can be both pigmented and stained to achieve a limitless choice of distinctive finishes.

Designed for both interior and exterior use, Miracote One Regular is typically applied in two or more coats by magic trowel, hand-trowel, brush, roller spray or notched squeegee and back roll. For care and maintenance in service, Miracote One Regular requires the applicaiton of a protective Miracote sealer or coating. Depending on specific conditions and service requirements, contact a local Miracote representative for the most appropriate product selections from our MiraGard, MiraThane or MiraFlor coating technology groups.

Where to Use:
Concrete resurfacing and flooring projects
Restore and refurbish flawed or discolored concrete
Decorative floor and wall finishes
Faux tile and masonry finishes on balconies/breeze ways
Resurfacing of ceramic tile floors
Create faux concrete countertops over wood and formica
Decorative floor finishes and microtoppings


  • Single component - Just add water.
  • Economy and durability in one package
  • Ideal for interior and exterior use
  • Outstanding adhesion to most substrates
  • Enhances appearance/curb appeal of building assets
  • Extensive choice of colors, textures and patterns
  • Integrally pigmented, stained or both
  • Excellent canvas for all stains
  • Zero VOC - meets LEED point criteria
Technical Info