Why Choose Metallic Epoxy System

Miracote ColorPax E pigment is a formulated coloring dispersion that is mixed with high solids or low VOC clear epoxy based systems.

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ColorPax E creates a homogenous coloration dispersed in Miracote Epoxy coating products to create a full depth color that is colorfast, resistant to degradation.

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Miracote ColorPax E

Miracote ColorPax E



Why Choose ColorPax Metallic Epoxy System

ColorPax Epoxy is a floor coating system consisting of a metallic epoxy resin with tiny granules of metallic pigment suspended in it. This metallic epoxy system is then poured on a substrate or floor in several layers.

Floors made with Metallic colors are aesthetically pleasing, since the metallic pigment granules constantly move and swirl in the epoxy as it dries. You may agitate the pigment granules further with a roller or paintbrush, causing them to randomly gather, separate, twist and turn. This varies the way light is reflected on them, changing their appearance when viewed from different angles.

By moving the epoxy during the drying stage, the floors develop a lava-like and iridescent appearance. Random movements of the metallic granules ensure that no two floors are exactly alike even if the exact same colors are chosen from the Miracote® color chart.

Creating a unique metallic floor begins with a base coat of Miracote® CQ Clear Epoxy, which permanently bonds to the floor or substrate. Succeeding layers of epoxy and pigment are added, until you reach the desired color and thickness. Accent pigments may be added to the process by mixing the coating gently with a roller. A final topcoat that’s applied to seal the layers gives lasting protection to the floor, preventing degradation caused by high foot traffic and corrosive chemicals.

With ColorPax, you get a metallic floor that is highly durable, easy to maintain, and pleasing to the eye. Metallic floors made with Epoxy are generally cleaner because of the pigment’s antimicrobial properties, as well as its slip- and chemical-resistant features.

  • Easy to ship
  • Safe to use
  • Mixes well with Miracote CQ Clear Epoxy
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