Cementitious Protective Coatings Products

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Waterproofing & Repair

Miraflex II

Class A fire rated deck system over plywood or concrete

MiraFlex XL

a cementitious, fabric- reinforced, waterproofing membrane system engineered for pedestrian traffic over concrete substrates

MPC Park Deck

Restores and protects concrete from water intrusion, chlorides, freeze thaw damage, carbonation and impact/abrasion of vehicular traffic. It’s extremely durable, cost-effective, and “breathable,” allowing moisture vapor to escape - reducing corrosion of steel reinforcing and eliminating blistering or delamination.


The best product available to facilitate imprinting operations in concrete, thin stamp overlay systems and micro overlay systems. 

Miracote MPC

Miracote MPC restores and protects concrete surfaces.

MiraFlex BRF

 (Boiler Room Flooring)