Acrylic Coatings and Sealers


MiraGard Granite

A water-based self-crosslinking acrylic resin binder with decorative vinyl flake broadcast system to simulate the depth and texture of natural granite stone.

Colorbond XL

A single component, 100% self-crosslinking pigmented acrylic coating 

Colorbond SR

single component, 100% self-crosslinking, and solar-reflective pigmented acrylic coating

Drylook WB

MiraGard Drylook WB is a ready-to-use, waterborne, silane/siloxane penetrating water repellent sealer designed for use on concrete, cementitious coatings, natural stone, unglazed tile, and many other masonry substrates.

Enriching Sealer

MiraGard Enriching Sealer is a ‘wet-look’, non-aqueous, penetrating sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection


MiraGard HDWB is a single component, water-based, self-crosslinking pure acrylic sealer designed for interior or exterior use over Miracote cementitious coatings, overlays

Mirathane CRU (Gloss/Matte)

is a two-component, medium-solids, water-based, low VOC, low odor, highly abrasion resistant and high performance aliphatic polyurethane coating

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