Acrylic Coatings and Sealers Products


MiraGard Granite

A water-based self-crosslinking acrylic resin binder with decorative vinyl flake broadcast system to simulate the depth and texture of natural granite stone.

Colorbond XL

A single component, 100% self-crosslinking pigmented acrylic coating specifically designed for use as a top coat for Miracote MPC, MiraFlex XL, MiraFlex II, MiraFlex ME and other Miracote products/systems.

Colorbond SR (Solar Reflective)

MiraGard Colorbond SR (Solar-Reflective) is a single component, self-crosslinking, and solar-reflective pigmented acrylic coating designed for application on concrete plaza decks, balconies, roof deck surfaces, and as a topcoat for polymer modified cementitious coatings such as Miracote MPC. 

Drylook WB

MiraGard Drylook WB is a ready-to-use, waterborne, silane/siloxane penetrating water repellent sealer designed for use on concrete, cementitious coatings, natural stone, unglazed tile, and many other masonry substrates.

Enriching Sealer

Miracote MiraGard Enriching Sealer is a nano scale premium, ‘wet-look', non-aqueous, penetrating sealer formulated to provide maximum stain protection. MiraGard Enriching Sealer is a non-VOC, green technology formulation.


MiraGard HDWB is a single component, water-based, self-crosslinking pure acrylic sealer designed for interior or exterior use over Miracote cementitious coatings, overlays and MiraGard Colorbond XL to enhance stain resistance and cleanability.

MiraGard HD 50

A unique, single component, solvent-based, ultra-hard clear acrylic sealer that offers a maximum VOC content of less than 50 grams per liter. Designed for use on interior and exterior conventional concrete, exposed aggregate and decorative concrete, cementitious coatings and overlays, MiraGard HD 50 Sealer is also suitable for unglazed brick or tile, and many other masonry surfaces to provide a “wet look”.