MiraCote Product Families


Cementitious Protective Coatings

Scientifically superior technology along with related accessory products that are often used in conjunction with many concrete resurfacing and protection applications.”Don’t Replace It….Miracote It”!

Urethane and Polyspartic Coatings

Used to coat, seal and waterproof a wide array of demanding applications. These systems have proven reliable over years of in-field testing and use.

Waterproof Membranes

Miracote MiraFlex II Decking System is a multi-layered promenade deck coating consisting of formulated resins, cementitious underlayment, and waterproof membrane. Designed to provide a decorative finished waterproof deck surfacing, MiraFlex II is ideally suited for either new construction or deck renovation. 

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy resin flooring systems exhibit tenacious bond, excellent resistance to a wide spectrum of chemicals, impermeability to liquids, resistance to impact and abrasion, and can be installed rapidly with minimal downtime. 

Concrete Repair Mortars

Whether horizontal, vertical or overhead; single or dual component; for use over concrete or wood; our diverse family of MiraPatch concrete repair mortars and underlayments offers the right product choice for any application.

Specialty Primers

Our primers can be used to promote adhesion, mitigate moisture vapor emissions, and seal the substrate in order to minimize, if not eliminate, the potential for blistering, pin-holing and other maladies during material application.

Moisture Mitigation

Acrylic Coatings and Sealers

Corrosion Mitigation

A fluid-applied, one-coat moisture mitigation system consisting of uniquely modified resinous epoxy and other chemical compounds. Formulated to prevent flooring failures on concrete slabs exhibiting elevated levels of moisture vapor emission


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