MiraGard NanoGlass

Extend and Safeguard the Durability of Plaster, Quartz, and Pebble Pool Finishes

MiraGard NanoGlass is a clear, single component, water-based, lithium-fortified potassium colloidal silicate cure and seal compound that densifies new and existing pool and spa plaster finishes. Based on superior inorganic mineral technology, MiraGard NanoGlass is also suitable for other cementitious materials such as concrete, mortars and masonry.


  • Cures, seals, and densifies new/existing plaster.
  • Deep penetration due to smaller molecule size and shape.
  • 90%+ reduction of plaster dusting with quartz and pebble finishes
  • Water-thin micro-crystalline technology – penetrates fast.
  • Faster reacting and less expansive ion than sodium silicate.
  • Balances chemistry between water and plaster.
  • Reduces color loss and potential for etching and calcium nodules.
  • Minimizes the potential for micro-cracking and dusting.
  • Converts Ca(OH)2 (soluble) into CSH (insoluble).
  • 80% reduction in plaster moisture absorption.
  • Modified with lithium – self-reactive in low pH conditions.


Better Water-resistant Properties
Deeper Penetration - Smaller Molecule
Quicker Reaction and Cure Time

Seeing is Believing! 

Confirm the Color and Texture with no cost samples.  Available to Architects, General Contractors, Distributors, and Building Owners.

Where to use:

  • Pool & Spa Plaster
  • New and Existing Plaster
  • Baja Ledges
  • Pebble and Aggregate Finishes

Create a custom PDF for your submittal package. Select from the following documents: Product Technical Data Sheets (PTDS), Installation Guides, Safety Data Sheets, Color Charts, CSI Specs, Detail Drawings, Warranty Info., Care & Maintenance, and Chemical Resistance Charts.


The interaction between pool plaster and pool water is ongoing. Ensuring a consistent pH and total alkalinity within a safe range is widely recognized as crucial for safeguarding not only your pool plaster but also various components of your swimming pool. Similarly, it's common knowledge that when water chemistry goes awry, your pool plaster may incur damage or exhibit undesirable behavior. By significantly reducing the calcium hydroxide and effectively filling the voids and capillaries with NanoGlass, the application significantly reduces chemical interactions between the plaster and pool water.



It engages with and fortifies the fresh plaster, swiftly and enduringly diminishing the chemical reactions between the water and the cement material within the interior finish. The bothersome
"dusting" commonly associated with new plaster finishes is nearly eradicated.


Your acid wash will restore the former beauty of the old plaster, and the nanoglass will fortify, shield, and prolong the life of that plaster, mirroring its benefits for new plaster


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