MiraGard Colorbond SR (Solar-Reflective) is a single component, self-crosslinking, and solar-reflective pigmented acrylic coating designed for application on concrete plaza decks, balconies, roof deck surfaces, and as a topcoat for polymer modified cementitious coatings such as Miracote MPC. An important characteristic of MiraGard Colorbond SR is that it increases the solar reflectance index (SRI) of the exposed surface, which results in a significantly cooler surface. It also features excellent hiding attributes, wash-down characteristics and provides excellent weathering and wear resistance.

MiraGard Colorbond SR Topcoat is an easy to apply economical coating. It is recommended for resealing some Miracote systems to improve overall energy savings, via reduction in conditioned air utility costs. It may be applied to properly prepared surfaces where stain resistance and cleanability are a consideration.

Where to Use:
MiraGard Colorbond SR Topcoat comes in 18 colors plus black, white and custom matched colors are available.

Technical Data:
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Case History:
Corona Park
Catamaran Resort Hotel