MiraFlor Systems


Resinous flooring systems

MiraFlor CQ Pigmented

A thin film, two-component, 100% solids resinous material. It is designed for stand alone application, in conjunction with broadcast aggregates, or as a base coat for Miraflake systems.

Resinous flooring applications

Miraflor Flake System

A decorative seamless epoxy flooring system with vinyl chips broadcast into it. It consists of a primer, opaque or pigmented epoxy receiving coat, broadcast colored vinyl chips and a clear epoxy or urethane topcoat.

CQ Quartz Epoxy Brodcast

Miraflor Quartz Broadcast

A durable thin section monolithic decorative flooring system that consists of colored quartz granules embedded in a MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy resin. Wide array of color combination possible.


Miraflor Glazetop

A high solids, UV stable, aliphatic elastomeric polyaspartic coat-ing that is formulated for low odor installation with a working time of 25 minutes, and a hard dry in 6 hours.

Rancho Dominguez, California

Miraflor MVERS plus

A fluid-applied, one-coat moisture mitigation system consisting of uniquely modified resinous epoxy and other chemical compounds. It will withstand very high moisture vapor emission rates (MVER) and is the perfect choice for most varieties of floor coverings. MiraPrime MVERS Plus FC (Fast Cure) is available when a quick cure time and return to service are essential.


Miraflor Metallux

A unique architectural, high-solids, resinous floor coating that utilizes metallic and pearlescent powder integral pigments to produce brilliant and dynamic designer effects.


Miraflor WB

A two-component, chemically resistant, water-based epoxy floor coating system available in gloss and satin formulations.

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