MiraFlor Random Flake Broadcast System is a decorative seamless epoxy flooring system with vinyl chips broadcast into it. MiraFlor Random Flake Broadcast System consists of a primer, opaque or pigmented epoxy receiving coat, broadcast colored vinyl chips and a clear urethane topcoat. MiraFlor Random Flake Broadcast System is available in standard colored chips and patterns (see the Miraflake Random Color Card). Custom mixes can be field created using standard solid colors.

Vinyl chips are sparsely broadcast into MiraFlor CQ Clear receiving coat based on desired end look. The chips can be broadcast from a range of a few random chips per square foot into a pigmented receiving coat to complete chip coverage, which can be broadcast into a clear opaque (MiraFlor CQ Clear) or pigmented (MiraFlor CQ Pigmented) epoxy receiving coat.

MiraFlor Glazetop Clear aliphatic polyurea urethane topcoat(s) lock the vinyl chips in place. One to two topcoats are designed to hold the vinyl chips in place. MiraFlor Random Flake Broadcast System is more economical than MiraFlor Full Flake Broadcast System. One topcoat will leave an aggressive skid resistant finish, however it will be more difficult to clean. Two topcoats will make the system smoother, providing a less resistant floor, but will be easier to clean.

MiraFlor Flake Broadcast Systems are available with an EPA Listed Anti-Microbial Biocide in the epoxy receiving coat only. Incorporating an anti-microbial in the epoxy systems, which protects against growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, yeast, etc.

Where to Use:
Light vehicular traffic areas, such as home garages and auto show rooms
Commercial areas, such as retail stores and restaurants (not kitchens);
Institutional buildings, such as schools and churches.

  • Produces a rapidly installed, decorative seamless floor at a moderate cost.
  • Monolithic. Can incorporate integral cove base, which helps to eliminate unsanitary dirt build-up and microbial growth.
  • Resistant to many chemicals.
  • Skid-resistant - An array of skid-resistant surface textures available.
  • Optional Waterproof Membrane for fluid-proofing suspended floors.
Technical Info