Miraflor Quartz Broadcast System

A durable thin section monolithic decorative flooring system that consists of colored quartz granules embedded in a MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy resin. A wide array of color combinations possible.


  • Rapidly installed at a moderate cost
  • Monolithic - integral cove base helps eliminate bacteria
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Skid-resistant
  • Optional waterproof membrane
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CQ Quartz Broadcast
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CQ Quartz Broadcast
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CQ Quartz Broadcast

Seeing is Believing! 

Confirm the Color and Texture with no cost samples.  Available to Architects, General Contractors, Distributors, and Building Owners.

Where to use:

  • Large public foyers, lobbies, hallways and passageways
  • Laboratories and clinics
  • Food service and concession areas
  • Toilet rooms

Create a custom PDF for your submittal package. Select from the following documents: Product Technical Data Sheets (PTDS), Installation Guides, Safety Data Sheets, Color Charts, CSI Specs, Detail Drawings, Warranty Info., Care & Maintenance, and Chemical Resistance Charts.

Miracote MiraFlor CQ Broadcast Flooring is a thin section flooring system designed for use where a durable, monolithic floor with decorative value is required. Available in one, two or three broadcast and recover options, the completed floor is approximately 1/16" (1.59mm) to 1/8" (3.18mm) thick. Consists of colored quartz granules embedded in a MiraFlor CQ Clear epoxy resin. It is resistant to hydrocarbon greases, food greases and fats and a range of chemicals.

MiraFlor CQ Broadcast System can be applied over concrete sub-surfaces. Consult Crossfield Products Corp. office for specification or technical assistance when required over other substrates.

Special Colored Quartz aggregate granules are available in nine colors (gray, blue, white, black, brown, buff, tan, green and red). These aggregates are be mixed to make any color combination, which the above colors can produce. Eighteen standard aggregate blends are available and featured on the Miracote CQ Color chart.

MiraFlor CQ Broadcast System flooring is available with an EPA Listed Anti-Microbial Biocide, which protects against the growth of algae, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, yeast, etc.

In areas of high moisture emissivity, MiraPrime MVERS is to be specified. Alternative topcoats include MiraFlor Glazetop and MiraThane.

Where to Use
Floors in front of houses, large public foyers, main lobbies, halls, passageways, laboratories, toilet rooms, food service, betting and stadium concessions and public areas, and in many institutional service environments.

Resinous flooring applications

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Color Chart

Color charts approximate actual color. Final color appearance is affected by lighting, surface texture and method of application. Final color approval should be made from physical sample.

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