MiraFlex UTW Waterproof Decking System

MiraFlex UTW is a multi-layer, fluid-applied waterproof- ing system for use under tile, brick, stone or pavers. A polymer emulsion modified latex membrane is reinforced with polypropylene fabric, and covered with a cementitious co-polymer protective coating.

miraflex utw

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Where to use:

  • Apply under tile, brick, stone or pavers
  • Apply over any sound substrate, new or existing
  • For on grade, or above grade applications (based on project requirements)
  • Tile balconies and commercial walkways
  • Steam rooms, saunas and locker room facilities


  • Three-layer system includes a cementitious underlayment; fabric-reinforced elastomeric membrane; and a cementitious co-polymer protective coat
  • Fluid applied membrane that conforms to irregular shapes
  • Provides crack isolation
  • Meets all CTI specs for waterproof membrane under tile
  • Environmentally safe - contains no organic solvents and is VOC compliant
  • IAPMO certified
  • ANSI certified

Miracote MiraFlex UTW (Under Tile Waterproofing) system is a multi-layer, elastomeric waterproofing system for uses under tile, brick, stone or pavers that incorporates two separate layers of waterproofing protection. MiraFlex UTW consists of a polymer emulsion modified latex membrane reinforced with a polypropylene fabric and a cementitious co-polymer protection coat that creates a roll applied monolithic surface while providing a positive side waterproofing. MiraFlex UTW also provides crack isolation properties by inhibiting the transfer of cracks from the substrate to the finished tile surface.

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