Miracote MT-DP is an add water mixed at site dry polymer and cement thin-section, composition decorative coating system which gives the appearance of concrete. Miracote MT- DP is available in white in two blends of either regular or smooth inert aggregates and can be integral pigmented with ColorPax-LIP. Typical thickness is approximately 3/32 of an inch (2.4 mm) and is light in weight and at approximately 1.2 lbs. per square foot.

Where to Use
Miracote MT-DP will enhance retail stores, outlets, food and beverage service establishments, and restrooms; floors, surfaces in public areas, in hotels, theme parks, museums, schools and universities.

MIracote MT-DP produces an extremely durable, low cost, yet attractive appearance. It can be used in the widest ranges of climates and is offered in slip-resistant profiles. It can be antiqued or chemical-stained producing coloration and texture options that provide depth, dimension and accent features unique to each application.

Each application of Miracote MT-DP is a unique expression of the installation contracting artist and is not a manufactured look, but rather a compilation of materials, color, skills and experience that combine to tailor an attractive architectural design accent to compliment any surrounding environment.

MIracote MT-DP provides a tough retardant coating, which substantially reduces or prevents water penetration, freeze thaw scaling and concrete carbonation. Microtopping DP is a “breathable” coating, which releases normal entrapped vapor without loosening or blistering and is suitable for an on-grade installation affording a very wide range of application possibilities.

-Designer Floor Surfaces
-Theme Parks
-Retail Stores
-Professional Offices
-Schools / Universities
-Food and Beverage
-Concrete Restorations
-Sidewalk Restorations
-Public Hotel Foyers
-Counter Tops

[tabby title=”Advantages”]

– Just add water
– Unlimited colors, designs and textures
– Variegated hues, concrete-like look
– Excellent adhesion and weathering resistance
– Long wearing under traffic
– Conventional floor cleaning methods at a lower life cycle cost
– Retards water and salt penetration
– Resists ultra-violet degradation from long-term exposure to sunlight
– Slip resistance underfoot
– Totally unique designs

[tabby title=”Technical Info”]

Product Technical Data Sheet
Installation Guideline
MSDS Regular
MSDS Smooth