MiraPatch RM 3


  • Resilient
  • Solves difficult bonding problems
  • Easily installed
  • Crack resistant
  • Sound absorbing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Trowels smooth
  • Broad application temperature range
  • Vermin proof
  • Engineered dry mix for maximum performance
  • Compatible with most adhesives
  • Contains no solvents
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete, tile and many other
  • Compatible for application over Miracote Liquid Catalyst Primer

Seeing is Believing! 

Confirm the Color and Texture with no cost samples.  Available to Architects, General Contractors, Distributors, and Building Owners.

Where to use:

A latex mastic composition for use over wood, concrete, steel and other surfaces as a

  1. Leveling Coarse for:
    • Smoothing uneven surfaces
    • Covering heating conduit in concrete
    • Covering insulation
    • Providing drainage
  2. Underlayment for:
    • Resilient tile
    • Ceramic tile
    • Linoleum
    • Latex Mastic Finishes
    • Carpet
    • Many types of troweled composition floors and promenade roof surfaces

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MiraPatch RM 3 is a two-component unit consisting of a synthetic rubber latex liquid that is blended and stabilized together with a dry component containing a dehydrating powder and curing chemicals. This combination is mixed and applied on the job resulting in a smooth monolithic underlayment to receive finishing flooring. It is a Trowel grade underlayment from feather to 1” in depth. Can be used over concrete or plywood substrates.



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