MiraPatch LM


  • High flexural and tensile properties to resist cracking
  • Excellent resilience and impact resistance
  • Exhibits high bond strength characteristics Outstanding workability and working time
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • Decreases transmission of sound
  • Excellent adhesion over plywood, concrete, masonry and many other substrates
  • Compatible with most adhesives and other construction
MiraPatch LM

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Where to use:

    • Embedment and encapsulation of expanded metal lath
    • Embedment for radiant heating elements
    • Flooring underlayment over plywood and concrete
    • Leveling and sloping of horizontal concrete surfaces
    • Repair of concrete surface defects
    • Underlayment for tile, carpet and other flooring finishes

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MiraPatch LM is a two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious underlayment and embedment mortar specifically designed for the encapsulation of expanded metal lath reinforcement when installing Miracote‟s **MiraFlex II Decking System over plywood substrates. MiraPatch LM is also suitable for use as an underlayment for tile, carpet and other flooring finishes, or when repairing, leveling and re-sloping concrete and other types of surfaces. ** ICC-ES, ESR-1714 Listed having UBC, Class A, One-hour Fire-resistance-rated Construction.

Lath Mortar

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