Planter Boxes

Something as simple as a concrete planter box can create significant maintenance problems, if not constructed with the right subtrates and sealers. Concrete is naturally porous, and the ever-present moisture inside a plant box can cause it to deteriorate. Calcium can leach out of the water, causing pitting. If you are located in a cool climate, the freeze/thaw cycle can cause spalling. Water penetration can also cause rusting/corrosion of rebar and wire mesh reinforcing inside the concrete structure.

Miracote has the substrates and sealers you need to construct planter boxes that will endure.

  • Product/Solutions:

ColorPax LIP (Liquid Integral Pigment)

Miracote ColorPax LIP (Liquid Integral Pigment) is a formulated coloring dispersion that is mixed with the liquid polymer component of cementitious base coats.

Where to Use
Miracote ColorPax LIP Pack is designed for use in MiraStamp Liquid Polymer and Miracote Liquid Catalyst to produce accent coloration in Overlay MiraStamp, Miracote MT-DP and Miracote MPC Pool Deck topping applications. ColorPax LIP can be added to MiraPatch RM  White to produce a decorative repair mortar, and can be added to Miracote Mirastain to accent applied toppings. ColorPax LIP is available in all standard colors and can be ordered in custom matched colors.

ColorPax LIP creates a homogenous coloration dispersed in liquid polymers. Materials incorporating ColorPax LIP deliver a full depth color that is colorfast, resistant to ultraviolet degradation and is not subject to photo-induced deterioration. Designed for compatibility with liquid polymers, ColorPax LIP affords development of uncompromised physical properties.


  • Colorfast
  • UV-stable
  • Low VOC
  • Ease of incorporation
  • Clean up with water

Technical Info:

ColorPax W (Waterborne)

Miracote ColorPax W pigment is a formulated coloring dispersion that is mixed with water based clear systems.

Where to Use:
ColorPax W creates a homogenous coloration dispersed in clear liquid water based products to create a full depth color that is colorfast, resistant to ultraviolet degradation and is not subject to photo-induced deterioration.


  • Easy to ship
  • Safe to use
  • Mixes well with Miracote HDWB Sealer, Mirapoxy WB, Mirathane WB, Mirastain Clear Base and can be used to accent or color polymer cementitious systems

Technical Info:

Miracote MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating)

Miracote MPC (Multipurpose Protective Coating) is a polymerized, two component, cementitious protective coating that can be applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete, masonry, metal, wood and tile. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid that is mixed with a proprietary cement and aggregate blend.  Miracote MPC is then applied in two or more coats by trowel, brush, roller, spray or squeegee to a typical thickness of 1/16" (16mm). Designed for both exterior and interior use, Miracote MPC restores and protects concrete surfaces from the consequences of exposure to water and chloride intrusion, freeze thaw damage and carbonation.  Miracote MPC is an extremely durable, cost-effective protective coating that is "breathable" and allows for the transmission of inherent moisture vapor within concrete without blistering or delamination. By lowering moisture content within the concrete, Miracote MPC helps reduce the potential for corrosion of steel reinforcement.

Where to Use
Concrete Restoration and Protection projects - Resurfacing new concrete slabs that are flawed or discolored - Parking decks, columns, walls and ceilings - Bridge Parapets and Abutments - Renovations to Stadiums and Arenas - Resurfacing of balconies and breezeways - Driveway and sidewalk resurfacing - Pool decks and patios - Building entrances and stairs - Concrete and masonry water tank linings - Decorative floor finishes and microtoppings.


  • Moisture vapor permeable - reduces potential for corrosion
  • Protects against penetration of water, chlorides and CO2
  • Ideal for exterior/interior, pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Enhances appearance and curb appeal of concrete & masonry
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Extensive choice of colors, textures and patterns

Technical Info:



Miracote MPC MT

Miracote MPC-MT is a two-component, polymer-modified, multi-purpose, cementitious concrete topping that can also be applied over a variety of other surfaces including masonry, wood, tile, formica and metal. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid which is mixed with a proprietary powder blend consisting of either natural gray or white cements and regular or smooth aggregates. The regular and smooth aggregate blends are designed for application in combination and a specific sequence to transform and restore existing concrete surfaces with a limitless choice of decorative and faux finishes that exhibit superior durability and wear resistance. Miracote MPC-MT is typically applied in three or more micro layers by hand trowel, magic trowel, broom, brush, roller, spray or with a notched squeegee and back roll.

Miracote MPC-MT can be integrally pigmented with Miracote ColorPax LIP or stained with Miracote Mirastain, or both pigmented and stained. The Miracote MPC-MT application starts with base and intermediate coats that utilize the regular aggregate powder blend to provide the backbone for the concrete topping installation. For contribution to architectural and decorative elements, the smooth aggregate powder blend is utilized as a grout and to achieve uniquely distinctive textures. Miracote MPC-MT is an extremely durable, cost-effective protective flooring material exhibiting extraordinary adhesion. It is also “breathable” allowing for the transmission of moisture vapor in the concrete without compromise to adhesion.

For maintenance and protection of Miracote MPC-MT, it should be sealed with any one of several available clear, water-based Miracote sealers and topcoats such as MiraThane WB (aliphatic polyurethane), MiraGard HDWB Sealer (acrylic), or MiraFlor WB (epoxy). Depending on specific service and exposure conditions, other clear sealers and topcoats are available to protect the Miracote MPC-MT application. Most Miracote sealers and topcoats are available in Gloss, Satin and Matte finishes.


  • Ideal for exterior/interior – pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Enhances appearance/curb appeal of building assets
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Extensive choice of colors, textures and patterns
  • Integrally pigmented, stained or both
  • Excellent canvas for all stains
  • Zero VOC - meets LEED point criteria

Technical Info:

Miracote MPC Retarder

Miracote MPC Retarder is a single component additive that can be utilized to lengthen the working time of Miracote MPC and MiraStamp. More specifically, the liquid is utilized in situations where the temperatures are above 85°F. The product adds valuable working time in conditions up to 95°F. It is not typically used under normal conditions up to (65 - 84°F), as the cure time may lengthen. One bottle of the Miracote MPC Retarder is simply added to a 5gallon container of Miracote Paste.

This additive does not effect the performance of the fully cured final product.

Where to Use
Use with Miracote MPC or MiraStamp.


  • Enables MPC or Mirastamp applications at temperatures above 85° F
  • Ease of incorporation
  • Assures normal working time under high temperature conditions

Technical Info:

Miracote Poly Fabric

Miracote Poly Fabric is an alkaline resistant polypropylene woven-mesh fabric designed to reinforce Miracote waterproofing and traffic surfacing systems. Miracote Poly Fabric adds strength and serves as a control to insure proper application thickness as well as providing a continuous coating over cracks and joints.

Where to Use
Miracote Poly Fabric is used in waterproof membranes and cementitious coatings beneath ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, latex mastic surfacing and certain types of between slab or below-grade membranes.


  • Adds strength
  • Provides crack-resistance
  • May be embedded with Miracote waterproofing membranes or cementitious coatings

Technical Info:

Miracote RT (RenewTop)

Miracote RT (RenewTop) is an innovative, single component, polymer-modified, spray-applied cementitious coating designed for application over existing conventional and decorative concrete, cementitious overlays, microtoppings, and many other suitable substrates.  Engineered for use with specialized texture spraying equipment and spray guns, Miracote RT provides an ultra-thin skin to renew, restore, and beautify the finnish of aged, worn, discolored or stained concrete surfaces while preserving the original texture of the substrate.  Miracote RT is available in a standard white powder that can be integrally colored with Miracote's ColorPax LIP pigment packs, or stained using water-based MiraStain.


  • Ultra-thin application thickness
  • Preserves existing finished textures
  • Moisture-vapor permeable -- reduces potential for corrosion
  • Protects against penetration of water, chlorides and carbon dioxide
  • Tenacious adhesion to prepared substrates
  • Prep - Spray - Stain in one day
  • Zero VOC - meets LEED point criteria
  • Ideal for interior / exterior, horizontal / vertical / OH surfaces

Technical Info:

Miracote Synthetic Aggregate

Miracote Synthetic Aggregate is a single component additive that can be utilized to impart non-skid properties to assorted Miracote sealers. Miracote Synthetic Aggregate is easily incorporated into HD 400 Sealer, HD 100 Sealer, HDWB Sealer, Mirathane WB, Mirapoxy WB, Colorbond XL or Glazetop. This additive does not affect the performance of the fully cured final product.

Where to Use
For waterborne systems (HDWB, Colorbond XL and Mirathane WB, and Mirapoxy WB) 1-2 ounces, by volume, of Synthetic Aggregate per gallon of sealer is recommended. For Glazetop, 3-4 ounces, by volume, per gallon of mixed components is recommended. For HD 400 Sealer, 1-2 ounces, by volume, per gallon of material is recommended. For HD 100 Sealer 1-2 ounces, by volume, per gallon of material is recommended.


  • Effective increase in coefficient of friction
  • Easily incorporated
  • Low cost

Technical Info:

MiraFlex Membrane C

MiraFlex Membrane C is a state-of-the-art, two-component, polymer-modified, highly flexible, cementitious membrane for the waterproofing and protection of concrete, masonry and many other types of construction materials and substrates.  Designed for exterior or interior applications, above or belowgrade, MiraFlex Membrance C can be used and applied to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.

Applied by roller, trowel, spray apparatus or squeegee, MiraFlex Membrane C is ideal for use in waterproofing applications under tile and other composite flooring systems.  It is also capable of stand-alone applications, and can remain exposed to mechanical wear and abrasion, impact, immersion in water, UV and normal climatic and environmental elements.  For detailing and treatment of cracks and construction joints, it can b embedded with Miracote Poly Fabric ffor reinforcement and enhanced dimensional stability.  With its cementitious backbone, MiraFlex Membrane C is compatible with other cementitious materials, thin-set mortars and moist coatings and sealers.

Where to Use

  • Interior and exterior - above and below grade.
  • Below grade positive side waterproofing
  • Planter box and foundation waterproofing
  • Plaza decks, balconies, pedestrian bridges, roof decks.
  • Stadiums, arenas and entertainment parks.
  • Mechanical equipment and utility rooms.
  • Fountains, pools, spillways, storage and aquatic tanks.
  • Secondary containment, elevator pits.
  • Water and wastewater facility structures.
  • Crack isolation/waterproofing under Miracote flooring system.
  • Waterproofing under tile and other composition flooring.


  • NSF-61 Certified for use in potable water
  • Permanent high flexibility - does no age harden
  • Carbon dioxide barrier - prevents concrete carbonation
  • Protects against de-icing salts, chlorides, sulphates
  • Superior UV resistance and stability.
  • Vapor permeable membrane - breathable
  • Ideal for interior and exterior stand-alone exposure
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and impact
  • Suitable for application on moist or damp substrates
  • Crack isolation membrane - reduces reflective cracking
  • Compatible with cementitious thin-set mortars
  • Wide range of available colors when using white powder
  • Green technology - environment friendly, LEED-compliant
  • Smooth powder blend available for finer finish

Technical Info:

MiraPatch DP

Miracote MiraPatch DP is a thin-section, rapid-hardening composition that is flexible, resilient and easy to clean. MiraPatch DP produces an extremely durable, low cost, yet attractive appearance. MiraPatch DP can be installed over concrete when pre-smoothing or pitch is required. Typical thickness up to 1 1/2 of an inch (38 mm) are easy to achieve. MiraPatch DP is light in weight and at approximately 1.2 lbs. per square foot. It can be used in the widest ranges of climates and is offered in slip-resistant profiles. MiraPatch DP is supplied as a light gray powder.
Important characteristics of MiraPatch DP are its extraordinary adhesion coupled with its ability to withstand prolonged pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In these respects the material is far superior to conventional cementitious coatings used to resurface old or worn concrete.
MiraPatch DP provides a tough retardant coating, which substantially reduces or prevents water penetration, freeze thaw, scaling and concrete carbonation.

Where to Use
• Concrete restoration
• Sidewalk restoration
• Parking lot restoration


  • Rapid setting
  • Rapid hardening
  • Faster cure speed in cold weather versus standard repair mortars. Cures rapidly, as low as 45°F.
  • Just need water. Redyuces mixing errors.
  • Reduced storage space
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Can be pulled to a feather edge
  • Thickness above 1-1/2" can be achieved by incorporation of pea gravel.
  • Can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces.

Technical Info:

  • MSDS
  • PTDS - Temporarily unavailable
  • IG - Temporarily unavailable