Patios and Plaza Decks

Maintaining the natural beauty of hardscapes is an epic battle against the elements. Plaza decks are exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight (UV rays), rain and abrasion from heavy foot traffic. Water intrusion, chlorides, carbonation and freeze/thaw cycles can wreak havoc, causing expensive repairs.

Whether you need to restore, resurface, protect, and/or extend the life of plaza deck hardscapes, Miracote has the right solution for you. Our products are time tested and engineered to deliver the qualities you’re looking for: environmentally safe, zero-VOC, odorless, fast setting, easy to use, durable, abrasion resistant, breathable, and LEED eligible.

Whether your project is a small balconty or an expansive plaza deck for a world-class resort, Miracote has the products, expertise and resources you need to protect and beautify all your hardscapes.

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