Balconies and Terraces

Balconies and terraces make a strong first impression on guests, and the investment in cleaning, maintaining and beautifying the site-seeing sanctuary can be the difference between a positive and negative takeaway. Water can cause an array of problems, ranging from mold and mildew, to spalling and rust/corrosion. Food and drink can spill and stain natural hardscape surfaces.

Miracote has a line of products engineered specifically to restore, resurface, protect, and extend the life of concrete balconies and terraces. Our solutions are environmentally safe, zero-VOC, odorless, fast setting, easy to use, durable, abrasion resistant, breathable, and LEED eligible. Each product/system is a proven performer, with years of in-field applications and testing behind it.

Rely on Miracote for the products, expertise and resources you need to protect and beautify all your hardscapes.

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Miracote ColorPax LIP (Liquid Integral Pigment) is a formulated coloring dispersion that is mixed with the liquid polymer component of cementitious base coats.

Where to Use
Miracote ColorPax LIP Pack is designed for use in MiraStamp Liquid Polymer and Miracote Liquid Catalyst to produce accent coloration in Overlay MiraStamp, Miracote MT-DP and Miracote MPC Pool Deck topping applications. ColorPax LIP can be added to MiraPatch RM  White to produce a decorative repair mortar, and can be added to Miracote Mirastain to accent applied toppings. ColorPax LIP is available in all standard colors and can be ordered in custom matched colors.

ColorPax LIP creates a homogenous coloration dispersed in liquid polymers. Materials incorporating ColorPax LIP deliver a full depth color that is colorfast, resistant to ultraviolet degradation and is not subject to photo-induced deterioration. Designed for compatibility with liquid polymers, ColorPax LIP affords development of uncompromised physical properties.


  • Colorfast
  • UV-stable
  • Low VOC
  • Ease of incorporation
  • Clean up with water

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