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Design Flooring Solutions

Course Number: HSW100
Provider Name: Crossfield Products Corporation
Provider Number: T100
1LU / HSW Credit
Course Expires 3/17/2026

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This course will provided attendees a breakdown into a complete waterproofing and flooring specification. Including project design criteria, development, documentation, construction analysis, evaluation, and post occupancy uses all leading to a successful project for involved stakeholders.

Prerequisite Knowledge:

This is course if designed for all levels of knowledge in regards to specifying Advanced Flooring and Waterproofing Solutions

Learning Objective 1:

Project planning and Design: This category focuses on areas related to the preliminary design of sites and buildings. (25%- 15 minutes) SCOF (Slip Coefficient of Friction) – A detailed analysis into the real world slip resistance of different high performance flooring options. Different methods will be taught, ASTM’s will be explained, to leave the architect with an understanding of how different environments need different test criteria. This goal of this section is to teach the architects all they need to know to write the proper specification for the safety of the end users.

Learning Objective 2:

Project Development and Documentation: This category focuses on areas related to the integration and documentation of building systems, material selection, and material assemblies into a project. (25%- 15 minutes) CDPH 1350 and LEED Credits – the goal of this section is to teach about the impacts of material selection on the environment. Learn how writing the correct specification helps protect all elements of the project from design, installation, occupancy, and maintenance.

Learning Objective 3:

Construction and evaluation: This category focuses on areas related to construction contract administration and post-occupancy evaluation of projects. (25%- 15 minutes) Participants will learn how to incorporate certification of applicators, sole source specifications, submittal packages, chemical resistance, C&M, etc. into their specifications and why these are important

Learning Objective 4:

Writing a complete HSW specification (25%- 15 minutes) Write a complete specification utilizing the information from this course so as to protect the public welfare.

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Miracote offers a training program designed to cover: -Hands on Product Installation -Correct product Specification and Estimating -Shipping, Warranty, and Maintenance details Contractors who complete the Training Program will have access to leads, sample ordering, and other application resources. To inquire about our next training, please complete the form.


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