traffic coating waterproofing

A Guide to Traffic Coating Waterproofing: Benefits and Applications

Professional contractors face various challenges when constructing and maintaining traffic decks. One of the primary difficulties is the constant exposure to vehicular and pedestrian traffic, which can cause inefficiencies and safety concerns.  Additionally, environmental conditions can significantly impact the deck’s longevity: rainfall can raise the risk of water intrusion, leading to severe damage when left … Read more

Waterproofing a Water-Clogged Deck

Reclaim Your Top Deck with Quality Parking Garage Deck Coating

A garage-top deck is a popular choice among homeowners living in urban environments with limited outdoor space. It is a patio or outdoor living space built on a garage and used as an extension for various activities such as outdoor gatherings, relaxation, gardening, and enjoying views.  However, keeping a garage top deck in good condition … Read more

Repairing Damaged Concrete

Five Solid Benefits Of Repairing Your Damaged Concrete

Five Solid Benefits Of Repairing Your Damaged Concrete Concretes, albeit hard, are not made of indestructible materials that can withstand any force without damage. Just like any part of a building, they too are subject to degradation, so do not be surprised to see your concrete surface damaged after continuous exposure to extreme environmental factors. … Read more

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