A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

You're visual. You need to see it. No problem. Visit our Gallery page to see how each of our products look in a variety of applications.

It's Beautiful!... But does it work?
Whether you are looking for beautiful pool deck that will resist chloride penetration, or want to make sure the fountain in the foyer stands up to the test of time, you can be confident if it's built with Miracote systems. Our time tested solutions give you the creative freedom you want, combined with the quality you demand.

Specs Done Right
If you have to write your own specs, you'll love working with Miracote.  We take pride in writing specs around clear industry standards. Each spec contains critical product data and application information, and is not bloated with unnecessary information.

Fast and Easy
Downloads specs immediately - available in both Adobe Acrobat pdf and Microsoft Word format to make copying and pasting quick and easy. See product pages for download links.

Expert Advice
You're an expert at orchestrating a construction project from 30,000 feet; and what makes you so successful is having a good team on the ground. That's where we come in. After 80+ years of in-field application, we know how things work in the trenches. Count on our technical experts to guide you to solutions that account for all the variables.

Value Engineering
Price pressures happen. That's why we offer an array of solutions. When looking for alternative solutions, consult our technicians to ensure you are making "apple-to-apple" comparisons, and understand the impact on long-term maintenance costs and liability issues.

Stay Current
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