Waterproofing for Pool/Spa and Waterscape Applications

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Waterproofing & Repair

The Industry's first and only comprehensive system for waterproofing pools and spas. Multiple components are engineered to work together and provide lasting performance in the most critical  applications:

  • Pool & Spas
  • Watershapes
  • Aqua-Scapes
  • Reservoirs
  • Lagoons
  • Water Parks
  • Fountains

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Miracote Pool/Spa Education

Pool & Spa Products

Aqua-Blok XL

Penetrating colloidal silicate primer and sealer that integrally waterproofs concrete.

Membrane C Pool Waterproofing

Miracote Membrane C

A two-component, polymer-modified cementitious waterproof membrane.

Finished Membrane C and BC Pro Pools

BC Pro

A single component polymer-modified, rigid cementitious bond and protection coat.

Mortar Bed 2000