Resinous Flooring Applications


MiraFlor CQ Clear

CQ Clear Epoxy

100% solids epoxy. 

MiraFlor CQ pigmented system feagtured image Kinnewick Mine cropped

CQ Pigmented Epoxy

100% solids pigmented epoxy

miraflake system featured image

CQ Epoxy Flake System

100% solids pigmented epoxy with a decorative flake broadcast.

CQ Quartz Epoxy Brodcast

CQ Aggregate Broadcast Systems

100% solids clear epoxy with decorative colored quartz broadcast.


Glazetop 85

A high solids, UV stable polyaspartic coating.

Rancho Dominguez, California

MVERS plus

A fluid-applied, one-coat epoxy moisture mitigation system.

Protection of 24lbs/1000sqft/24 hours per ASTM F1869 or 99% RH per ASTM F2170

Metallux Epoxy

CQ Metallux

A unique architectural, high-solids, epoxy floor coating that utilizes metallic and pearlescent powder integral pigments to produce brilliant and dynamic designer effects.


Miraflor WB

A two-component, chemically resistant, water-based epoxy floor coating system available in gloss and satin formulations.