Parking Deck
Miracote MPC Park Deck is a polymerized, two-component, cementitious protective and waterproof coating that is applied to concrete parking deck surfaces in three coats to a typical minimum thickness of 3/32" or approximately 94 mils. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid which is mixed with a proprietary cement and aggregate blend. Miracote MPC Park Deck is most typically applied by notched squeegee and back-rolled, but can also be easily applied by hand trowels, magic trowels, brush or spray. Learn More>


Why use MPC Park Deck?

Dynamic Systems Approach

Where to Use
• Concrete Restoration and Protection projects
• Waterproofing protection on new and existing parking decks
• Horizontal surfaces, columns, walls and ceilings
• Restoration and protection for stadiums and sports arenas
• Waterproofing and protection of balconies and breezeways
• Driveway and sidewalk resurfacing

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Product Technical Data Sheet:
Miracote MPC Park Deck

Miracote MPC Park Deck

SDS Sheets:
Hard Powder
Miraflex Membrane A

Parking Deck Crack Treatment
Deck Expansion Joint
Deck Pipe Penetration
Deck Recoat Existing PU
Deck Slab to Wall Transition

Case Studies:
Broadway Lofts Parking Garage Story

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Miracote Parking Decks

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Broadway Loft Project

Project Name:  Broadway Lofts Parking Garage in San Antonio, Texas
Product System Installed:  Miracote MiraPrime Aqua-Blok; Miracote MPC Park Deck System (including MPC hard) in combination with MiraGard Dry Look Sealer; Carbon fiber strapping and staples
Contractor:  Surmac, Inc.; ForTec Stabilization; PropertyPrep