Pool & Spa Waterproofing Contractor Showcase

Miracote offers a comprehensive array of waterproofing, restoration, repair and construction systems for pools, spas and pool decks. Each of our sealers, primers, membranes and decorative concrete overlay systems is a proven performer, with years of in-field applications and testing behind it. Specifically engineered to hold up against mechanical wear and abrasion, impact, water immersion, UV rays and various climate conditions, our water proofing products are environmentally friendly and LEED compliant.


Pool and Spa Systems Approach

MiraPrime AquaBlok XL
MiraFlex Membrane C
Miracote BC Pro
MiraPatch WP
Miracote Poly-Fabric
Miracote Polymer Admix

Mortar Bed 2000
CPC Hybrid Sealant

Detail Drawings:

MiraFlex Membane C - Change in Plane for Pool Plaster Finishes

MiraFlex Membrane C - Change in Plane Detail

MiraFlex Membrane C - Crack Treatment Detail - Pool Plaster Finishes

MiraFlex Membrane C - Crack Treatment Detail

MiraFlex Membrane C - Expansion Joint Detail

MiraFlex Membrane C - Pipe Detail

MiraFlex Membrane C - Expansion Joint Detail - Pool Plaster Finishes


Submittal Packages:
Miracote Pool & Spa

Case Studies:
Waterproofing Consultant to the Stars - Membrane C

Membrane-C - Pool/Spa/Fountain Waterproofing (pdf)
Membrane-C - Pool/Spa/Fountain Waterproofing (word doc)

Pool and Spa Brochure

Pool and Spa Brochure (spanish)

Why Should You Waterproof Your Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool waterproofing, especially waterproofing a concrete pool, is necessary due to the porous nature of concrete. As a porous substrate, concrete can weaken over time, and develop cracks or spring leaks from water penetration. Any concrete swimming pool must also be sealed to mitigate the effects of both negative hydrostatic pressure from water beneath the pool, and positive hydrostatic pressure from the water in it. Doing this will not only keep the water in the pool, but likewise keep ground water out.

Consult us to know which swimming pool waterproofing methods and products will work best for your projects.

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Bel-Air Project

Project Name:  924 Bel Air Rd.
Product System Installed:  Miracote Pool & Spa
Waterproofing System installed over occupied space
Waterproofing Contractor:  Allied Roofing & Waterproofing
Contractor Website: arwp.com